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Become A Presenter

This is different.

The Information Governance Confernece is NOT your typical speaking engagement. We value our speakers and becoming a presenter unlocks a world of benefits, including a free pass to the conference, speaker's dinner, and promotion by the Information Coalition.

This process is different

This is not a passive speaking event - presenting requires your active participation, not only on the day of your presentation or panel, but well in advance. We promote and invest in our speakers with the expectation that they give their best towards the event. Presenting at The Information Governance Conference comes with preparation, practice, and promotion...


All slides must be submitted in advance for review and retooling by our graphic design team. Our goal is to maximize the attentiveness of the audience for your presentation and give you every opportunity to make the most of your shared knowledge.


No one goes onto the #InfoGov18 stages without running through their presentation with a member of the Information Coalition team at least once in advance. Our goal is to work with you to help you present your best possible session and give you constructive feedback for improvement.


Our promotional process for 2018 will start in April of 2018. Every presenter will, if all goes according to plan, have the opportunity to participate in a podcast, write a blog post (which will be shared across social channels and on this website), and be featured in a webinar (some of these will occur after the conference as follow-up sessions). Our dedication to maximizing our presenters' benefits is unmatched.

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