Information Governance & Data Risk Management: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Organizations with a strategic view of these things recognize that Information Governance and Data Risk Management are flip sides of the same coin. Simply put, the only way to diminish the significant data risks is to go "upstream" of the triggering event -- be that a regulatory inquiry, third-party audit, subpoena, or internal review. This means that organizations will need to become MUCH more proactive and strategic in their thinking, working to put in place the very policies, procedures, processes, and controls referenced above to avoid having to address data-related risks in a reactive (and thereby less effective) manner. Put differently, a truly complete InfoGov Strategy integrates elements from various disciplines: regulatory compliance, legal risk, forensic/investigative risk, efficiency & ROI, internal audit, third-party risk management, and IT infrastructure. Join us for a panel discussion comprised of practitioners from these disciplines as they discuss real-world techniques and strategies to address these very real business problems.


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Johnny Lee